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Product Description

  • The Public-Private partnership of the Oromia Regional State has been analyzing the viable projects at different stages of discussion for priority selection. The Public-Private Partnership council of the Oromia Regional state finally selected the so-called Kegna Beverages to share Company for its potentiality in job creation, profitability, the benefit to the society around the site of investment, and the environment as one of the priority projects of Investment with other similar projects.Kegna Beverages Share Company engages in producing six quality products through employing state of the art Technology and capable human resources for both local markets and cross-nation potential markets. The production is planned in two phases and the first phase of the project will produce Beer, Malt drinks, Energy drinks using the available State of the art beverage technologies.The production capacity of the first phase of the project will be two million hectoliters which will be about 15% of the current supply of beer market in the country and will be expandable to three million hectoliters. There are seven beer factories which in sum are producing about 13.4 million hectoliters per annum in a country of about a hundred million population. This fact shows the potential market for beer and other beverages in Ethiopia. Though the production has been growing by about 20% per year over the last five years the demand growth is a fold of production growth. The second phase of the project will produce one million hectoliters of carbonated soft drinks, Juice and Mineral water in one which is also a huge supply from what is in supply in the beverage market of Ethiopia currently.

        Production Technology

The whole production technology and factors of production will be selected based on the quality standard and pre- analyzed mechanism. Due attention will also be given to the acquisition of modern production technologies and the brand association as a competitive age.

Product distribution mechanism

We planned to distribute the whole products of Kegna Beverages Share Company throughout the country by grouping and forming youth associations who are already the shareholders in a different and studied mechanism and will be benefited from the sales of the product and dividends of the profit of the company. This mechanism will be expected to have multiple benefits and spillover effects for the society of the country in general and the region in particular. Youth will be best benefited from the company production, through their knowledge, share dividend and distribution across the country and beyond. This approach is believed will be one of the competitive advantage in the beverage industry of the country which will link over fifty million customer because of its brand name “Kegna” and the devised distribution mechanism. This youth association will also help to distribute other locally or internationally produced consumable or capital good for a systematic and efficient marketing in the country and also be an excellent marketing advantage.

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